Jessica (samhainborn) wrote in madison_poly,

CoffeeHouse Gathering

Hey All -

MAPS (Madison Area Poly Society) is having their Coffeehouse Gathering tonight. It runs from 6:30-9ish and is at Escape Coffee on Willy Street.

Hubby and I are going, it'll be our first time meeting other poly-folk around here.

Yay for being social!

Anywho, just thought I'd share :)

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hey- it's megan- bj, terri and i had a great time at MAPS. BJ's lj name is metallicfatguy and terri's is flykanga
Hey! I'm glad you did, so did we :) I was nosy and poked around and found them a couple of days ago LoL I'll go and add them, if no one minds.
go right ahead!!! :)